The above is the title of an article in the PGA Newsletter of March 15, 2018.

The author, T.J. Auclair, makes it clear that Tiger is concentrating and practicing, and that he also has years of technical learning.  Still – the idea that he is now focusing on ‘sensing SUBTLE differences and playing with the ‘feel’ of set-up, breathing, and ‘body intelligence’ is just what the Effortless Swing®approach is all about.


Rather than relying only on calculations and a technical visual of how he is supposed to swing to get his best shot, Tiger Woods is now relying on ‘knowing himself’ and trusting his own inner wisdom that sometimes doesn’t have words.


The article quotes a world champion dancer who suggested that he “never tries to do the move exactly the same way, ever, because we’re human and we have to let it flow”,so the reflection might be that Tiger is on to something new and big.


The Effortless Swing®approach helps you train to ‘sense how you do what you do’, so when you are into the approach, you can allow your swing to ‘fly’ and ‘be free’.  The article suggests that that is what one now sees in Tiger Woods.  He has returned!!”




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