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Maintain, Regain Ageless Agility

August 12-15 in Sarasota and ONLINE A TOUCH TO INFORM Seminar  15 CEs for LMTs Register Early — 10%less AGILITY means being able to move easily in any direction quickly and lightly. This requires good balance, a brain that senses whole body action, easy joints and an even give and take between flexors and extensors of […]

Looking for variations enhance learning

Washington Post Article: Researchers have discovered a much faster way to learn new skills. “For skills to improve, we must update an existing memory with new information,” the researchers conclude. If you practice the exact same thing the exact same way every time, you’re not layering much new knowledge over what you already know. But, the […]

Moving from and through your FEET

2018 Feb 9-11 Weekend Seminar TOUCH TO INFORM SEMINAR — A previously attended full day Seminar is required.   Call Bonnie at:941.360.2248 Learn how our FEET affect Posture — and yet how a change in Posture can affect our FEET Fee: $150 minus 10 % early registration Fee:  Full Weekend:  $340 minus 20% early registration

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