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Seminars focus on the neurological, mechanical and healing aspects of movement.

touch-to-inform-seminarsThe goal of TOUCH TO INFORM Seminars is to familiarize Licensed Massage Therapists and other professional participants to the New Science of Body/Brain Mapping and sensory learning.

TOUCH TO INFORM Seminars ask participants to listen while they Observe and then how ‘touch’ can Inform. Touch To Inform supports Healthcare Practitioners and Educators and personal coaches towards practical applications of concepts from The Feldenkrais Method® that can enhance outcomes through their preferred modality.

Participants will be introduced to the idea of how the nervous system learns a pattern, how ‘bones’ work to support alignment, and how optimal, efficient movements occur in a relational, sequential way (as a chain of movement). They will be able to demonstrate an ability to observe and connect with the client’s difficulty indirectly — from another area of the chain to enhance the healing.

Participants develop new skills ( new thought) through experiencing several of Dr. Feldenkrais’ Awareness Through Movement® lessons, individual demonstration and partner work. TOUCH with the intention to observe, support and then INFORM is explored in 2 hour, 6 hour or 15 hour seminars.

Comments from LMTs include:

  • “I found this workshop to be stimulating. It had a good format and good teaching.”
  • “I was amazed how powerful this work can be with little effort from the therapist. This fits into my own philosophy as a facilitator rather than a healer. Thanks again for a great Seminar.”
  • “I used many of the concepts from the workshop and was amazed, as were my clients, to how effective they were.”
  • “Bonnie’s passion for teaching this work comes through. I found my clients loved the new information.”
  • “Thanks for a marvelous Seminar.  I feel much more awake and informed!”touch-to-inform-seminars-2


Each Seminar has a different theme, yet each will address concepts such as:

  • A synergistic integrated view of muscular patterns to guide your massage.
  • The natural physiological response to fear of falling
  • Use of skeletal support for standing, sitting, reaching and walking
  • Use of improved breathing capacity for improving lifelong posture.
  • Easy procedures that can interrupt the habitual cycle of one’s automatic habit of tightening
  • How to suggest distribution of effort for healthier muscular action

For 2022-2023 Schedule

Benefits for Professionals

Thank you both for such a great class!  Without any thought, I’ve continued to use the ‘learning’ I received from class, and I am quite proud.” 2017 JG

“I expected more lecture and talking …. more stretching.  I found more quieting – learning to sense more –both within myself and with others.” PTA, Sarasota.

  • Bonnie guided me to have an appreciation for the potential of growth in a patient/client and look for new possibilities in any given limitation. Curiosity is re-awakened so you will be able to consider more avenues than you might have seen before.
  • An understanding of ‘learning how to learn’ and how to engage clients in attention to construct positive learning situations.

*somatic refers to one’s internal perception of his/her personal experience.


2022 TOUCH TO INFORM Seminars

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Created by: Bonnie Kissam, M.A. in Dance/Education, LMT, Feldenkrais Practitioner/Assistant Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist, FL Lic #MA 36256.

Collaborated with Nikki Rollason, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, FL Lic #MA 31953.

NCBTMB-logoNCBTMB Provider # 452056-12“TOUCH TO INFORM Seminars is approved by the
National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB)
as a continuing education Approved Provider.”


CE hours for FLORIDA LMTs, CE Provider #50-1980




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