The Feldenkrais Method®


The Feldenkrais Method® explores how our movement patterns are learned and maintained and how they can be unlearned and changed. Specifically designed movement lessons performed with attention and intention, guide people of all ages from young children to senior citizens, to discover how to unlearn patterns that interfere with their ability to move or perform optimally as they learn new ways to act that encourage fluid, effortless action for everyday activities as well as exceptional performances.

The focus of attention while performing simple, easy movements, supports the brain’s capacity to learn, change and move beyond one’s ‘thought to be’ limitations.

The Feldenkrais Method® reminds us that the best learning is self-discovery.  If we seem limited in our abilities, we can return to sensing our actions, find variations, reconnect with our ability to learn and discover we have unlimited resources. We learn to self-discover many new possible paths and once more function in an efficient, easy, graceful manner.

“By shifting your attention to the means of achieving instead of the urge to succeed, the learning process is easier, quieter, and faster. Striving for a goal reduces the incentive to learn, but by adopting a level of action well within our means we can improve our way of acting and reach much higher levels in the end.”   Moshe Feldenkrais, D. Sc.,   Elusive Obvious (1981).

Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc. created two processes to help clarify and maintain personal optimal organization. Group Awareness Through Movement and Individual Functional Integration lessons are both designed to help you attend to and then learn new possibilities.

awareness-through-movement-lessonsAWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT® lessons are group classes that help the participant listen and develop an awareness of habitual movement patterns and then through self-discovery, begin to sense and develop not only more efficient patterns but ‘how to learn’.

Your Guide to Doing Feldenkrais ATM Lessons


FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATION® lessons are individual one on one sessions that use guided touch and support (essential for young children and those neurologically challenged) to heighten one’s sensory, embodied self, and stimulate their brains to discern differences in how they move.

The Feldenkrais Method® has proven invaluable for people who have been neurologically challenged from birth (cerebral palsy), disease (strokes) or accidents (traumatic brain injury) as well as for those wanting to refine and optimize human performance in sports and the arts – musicians, dancers and actors. It is known as support for wellness to many with ongoing aches, pains or limitations in their backs, necks, feet, knees or hips in that they learn how to expand their capacities to perform daily activities in the home, office or leisure pursuits. It is known to move beyond rehabilitation in that it helps engage the client’s participation in sensing and learning in a way that improves their abilities beyond their injury.

“What I am doing does not resemble teaching as understood at present. The accent is on the learning process, rather, than the teaching technique.” 

Moshe Feldenkrais, D. Sc.

Feldenkrais®insarasota, provides services for individual clients as well as Seminars for professionals.

Past professionals have come from a variety of professions including child development, education, physical, occupational or speech therapy, psychotherapy, gerontology, ergonomics, sports, dance, music and arts.


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