WE learn by doing….

“Motor Learning Specialists have found that we learn by doing,” says Dowd, who began teaching at Julliard as an assistant to Ideokinesis matriarch Lulu Sweigard in the late 1960s.  ‘If you learn it ( anatomy) intellectually, you forget it. You have to do it physically and then you can start to understand what you have learned.” Irene Dowd  Interesting article.
In the early 80s I was lucky to have studied with Irene Dowd and have been forever grateful.
Often, in our lives we feel aches and pains and if we slow down they can seem more present in our psyche.
I am always so grateful to have the opportunity to lie on the floor and simply listen to my aches and pains and use the process of inquiry and ease in an action to find ways to reduce discomfort.  
The secret?  I don’t do!  I wait and listen till I ‘let go’ of the ‘doing and sense the weight of my bones supported by the table, floor or chair help find ways to quiet the tensions.
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