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Body Sense is Medicine

A revival from a 2010 Psychology article by Alan Fogel, Ph. D.,  Pyschology Professor University of Utah has recently recirculated reminding us of the importance of Body Sense.  Dr. Fogel, suggests that although cardiovascular health is important, we also need to honor the power of using our kinesthetic sense as we move and that perhaps this […]

Move Beyond Pain and Limitation

“In the Feldenkrais Method, we don’t cure. Instead, we help put people back in the center of their lives so that choice becomes possible.”  Cynthia Allen, Feldenkrais Practitioner In her interview with News Source Practical Pain Management [PPM] Cynthia explains how The Feldenkrais Method can interface with those in Chronic Pain.  For those of you who […]

Moving Bones!!

Have you ever thought of the BONES inside you as a sense for support?  Have you ever thought of how your BONES move?  I am always asking my students to start thinking of their bones and how to use bones with gravity to help us move easily and comfortably!!   Check us out. Check out Mr. Boneman! […]


May 1 – May 10:  TAKE the opportunity to celebrate Moshe’s Birthday during international FELDENKRAIS WEEK — with worldwide participation through 2019 Feldenkrais Summit.   This consists of online interviews and a daily lesson in many languages. Listen or participate in it whenever and however you want!!

Energy?  “the movement from possibility to actuality.”

What is energy?  “the movement from possibility to actuality.”               Dr. Dan Siegal Potential for using Feldenkrais’ process Interview 2018 during Feldenkrais week with Dr. Dan Siegal, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Donna Ray, Feldenkrais Practitioner/Trainer  about mind, consciousness, energy, awareness.  Dr. Dan Siegal suggests “dropping into the subjective experience of knowing, all […]

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