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The Anat Baniel® Method of Neuromovement®

“The child’s ability to notice differences in what he/she sees, hears, tastes, smells, and feels in her moving body is at the heart of the brain’s capacity for creating new neuro-connections and pathways. It is the source of information for the brain. It is from this ability to perceive differences that all future patterns are formed, be it learning to grasp a toy, learning to say Mamma, walking, responding to a specific word or name, or expressing delight when Daddy comes home. When we truly understand the profound importance of this capacity, it opens up vast new possibilities for children with special needs.” Anat Baniel, Kids Beyond Limits (2012, p. 31)

Anat Baniel had the opportunity to work closely with Moshe Feldenkrais during his work with children in the last years of his teaching. The story of Elizabeth is a child who began with Dr. Feldenkrais and continued with Anat, demonstrating the ability to improve beyond everyone’s expectations.

Healing Quest: Elizabeth works with Anat Baniel

For over 40 years Anat Baniel has had enormous success in working with children with special needs and has developed her own approach from her experience and understanding. Her process demonstrates Moshe Feldenkrais’ idea that using movement with attention, while looking for and experiencing functional variations to existing capabilities, helps the brain make connections and supports ongoing learning. It is the key for keeping the wheel of self-development and self-learning moving forward.

Some children need more support than others.

The Anat Baniel Method® of Neuromovement® for Children with Special Needs has been a force in changing the trajectory of development for hundreds of children with many different kinds of challenges.

Kids Beyond Limits is her personal account of what, why and how advantageous this natural learning process is for children with special needs and their families.


“I have observed Baniel’s little patients on multiple visits, and time after time, I have seen children whose parents were told their brain-damaged children would never walk, or talk, or be able to think well or regulate themselves, begin to do just that with this gentle technique.”

Norman Doidge, MD author of The Brain that Changes Itself

FROM: The Brain’s Way of Healing by Norman Doidge, M.D.
“She will dance at her wedding”:
Healing the girl born without part of her brain


Great Video with Anat talking about how she works:


Children With Special Needs: A Revolutionary Approach Gives New Hope

Posted on July 28, 2012 by jaldesigns
by Anat Baniel
Originally published by The Huffington Post 02/24/2012

Are you a parent to a child with special needs? Have you been trying to help your child do something he or she can’t do, or corrected them over and over again to end up with little or no progress, both you and your child experiencing ample stress in the process?

“One of the most important discoveries of the past 30 years of my work with children who have special needs — working with everything from autism to genetic disorders — is the amazingly positive results that become possible when we shift from trying to get the child to do what it can’t do to helping that child’s brain get the information it requires to be able to do new things.” Anat Baniel Read More…

3 Breakthrough Steps for Helping your Child on the Autism Spectrum

Posted on September 21, 2012 by jaldesigns
by Anat Baniel
Originally published by The Huffington Post 04/13/2012

Recently the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the alarming statistic that one child out of 88 is diagnosed as having an autism spectrum disorder, a huge increase over the past 10 years. Are these children doomed? Absolutely not. A variety of behavioral therapies and other interventions can help the child on the Autism spectrum make great strides. My message to you is that there is hope for even greater outcomes for these children than we have come to expect…. CLICK HERE to read the full article.

Anat Baniel with Bonnie Kissam

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