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Moving from and Through your CORE

2018 Mar 9-11 Weekend Seminar TOUCH TO INFORM Seminar, taking a deeper look at how movement through your CORE, your skeleton, supports Balance – through Counter Balancing. 941.360.2248 Fee:  Full Weekend:  $340 minus 20%with early registration Saturday CORE Seminar:  $150 minus 10% early registration Intro Friday and CORE Seminar:  $190 minus 10% registration

Moving from and through your FEET

2018 Feb 9-11 Weekend Seminar TOUCH TO INFORM SEMINAR — A previously attended full day Seminar is required.   Call Bonnie at:941.360.2248 Learn how our FEET affect Posture — and yet how a change in Posture can affect our FEET Fee: $150 minus 10 % early registration Fee:  Full Weekend:  $340 minus 20% early registration

Freeing Your Neck & Shoulders

2018 Feb 9-11 Weekend Seminar Introduction to both the Feldenkrais Method® and TOUCH TO INFORM Seminars. Our head follows our eyes. Our shoulder girdle, rib cage, pelvis and spine supports our head. Using neurological concepts from The Feldenkrais® Model, participants will develop skills that indirectly quiet excessive tension in the muscles of the neck and […]

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