Energy?  “the movement from possibility to actuality.”

What is energy?  “the movement from possibility to actuality.”               Dr. Dan Siegal

Potential for using Feldenkrais’ process

Interview 2018 during Feldenkrais week with Dr. Dan Siegal, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Donna Ray, Feldenkrais Practitioner/Trainer  about mind, consciousness, energy, awareness.  Dr. Dan Siegal suggests “dropping into the subjective experience of knowing, all new options arise.”

Donna Ray talks about the Feldenkrais process for learning asks participants to lie on the floor, be with yourself, & sense evenness of muscular tonus.  This evenness of muscular tonus to Dr. Norman Doidge “potentiates the system for all new neuronal firing patterns to arise and create new states of being”.




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