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Energy?  “the movement from possibility to actuality.”

What is energy?  “the movement from possibility to actuality.”               Dr. Dan Siegal Potential for using Feldenkrais’ process Interview 2018 during Feldenkrais week with Dr. Dan Siegal, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Donna Ray, Feldenkrais Practitioner/Trainer  about mind, consciousness, energy, awareness.  Dr. Dan Siegal suggests “dropping into the subjective experience of knowing, all […]

Walking Engine Weekend

Walking Weekend Friday  (Intro) 6:30-9:00 Freeing Your Neck and Shoulders  2 CEUs *Friday is open to anyone interested in an Introduction to The Feldenkrais Method® or TOUCH TO INFORM Seminars.                                                         […]

Moving from and Through your CORE

2018 Mar 9-11 Weekend Seminar TOUCH TO INFORM Seminar, taking a deeper look at how movement through your CORE, your skeleton, supports Balance – through Counter Balancing. 941.360.2248 Fee:  Full Weekend:  $340 minus 20%with early registration Saturday CORE Seminar:  $150 minus 10% early registration Intro Friday and CORE Seminar:  $190 minus 10% registration

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