The Effortless Swing – Power in the Pelvis

Healing Golf Injuries Using Full Equal Parts of Neuromuscular-Skeletal System

When you work with an injured golfer, do you look at the injury alone or the person in the action?

What is required for an optimal swing and might that be relevant for a long term solution?

The golf swing begins with your legs and pelvis through your spine to your arms and then the head of your golf club. When a golfer is in a harmonious flow, the swing is effortless.  Would a fine-tuned touch that informs your nervous to your muscular-skeletal systems enhance rehabilitation of the golfer?

“In a comprehensive rehabilitation program the clinician must not overlook the component of neuromuscular control, which is necessary for joint stability. Healing of static or dynamic restraints and strengthening of the appropriate muscles do not prepare a joint for the sudden changes in position that occur during sport-specific activities. To adequately address this phenomenon, the rehabilitation specialist must be familiar with the structures contributing to proprioception, as well as the process by which articular sensations contribute to functional stability.”  R. Barry Dale, PT, PhD

Proprioception is the sense of self-movement and body position. It is sometimes described as the “sixth sense”.

Studies suggest that golf injuries occur mostly in the wrist or lower back.

  • Would you address these injuries at the wrist and lower back as an injured muscle?
  • Or can you visualize how helping your client discover how his, her movement from the Pelvis, can be a solution to both?

When we include the wisdom of the client’s brain, our proprioceptive and kinesthetic senses have the power to inform the brain towards a better, more efficient swing.

The more you can input into the control center of movement [the brain] a more efficiently organized action, the more you can help change the full neuro-muscular-skeletal action for your golfer. Incorporate these wisdoms and you learn how to create a sense of movement and fluidity in your client for long term healing, and, improved focus and action within the golf game.

The Effortless Swing® approach for optimal golf is a movement awareness program designed for golfers to discover a more balanced, efficient personal neuromuscular -skeletal organization for an optimal swing off the golf course.

The Feldenkrais Method® is known to have an interest in evenly distributing the efforts within the whole body-mind neuromuscular-skeletal system to create an optimal action with power and consistency in life’s personal challenges.

TOUCH TO INFORM Seminars are designed to create practical applications of concepts from the Feldenkrais Method® for Licensed Massage Therapists and other Health Care Practitioners for improved long term outcomes.

The Effortless Swing® – the Power of the Pelvis is a 6 hour Seminar that will guide you to develop new ways to approach your golfer with long term, as well as short term solutions, and, for education/prevention as well as therapy. The focus will be on how your approach to muscles in and around the pelvis and the torso thinking movement connections, can work to improve the golf swing, prevent injuries and create healing for low back, neck, elbows, wrists, and hands.

TOUCH TO INFORM Seminars include personal experience, lecture and partner collaboration.  Mats will be necessary for noticing and offering new possibilities in your personal movement experience. Tables will be necessary for the partner collaboration.

Experience how you can offer your golfer a sense of movement flow to relieve protective muscle spasm, restore motion in joints, and promote prevention of injury.   An even flow of one’s movements in action provides a sense of wholeness and calm that helps the ability to focus, which then maintains consistency and power in the swing. 

For further information contact:  Bonnie Kissam, M.A.,  941.360.2248

FSMTA Convention offers a 6 CE Seminar:

The Effortless Swing® – the Power of the Pelvis

June 18, 2021, Friday      8:00 AM  – 4:00 PM,  St. Augustine, Florida

To register contact 2021 FSMTA CONVENTION:

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