Moving from and through Your CORE



“Thank you again for a great workshop. Every time I learn new ways of teaching yoga poses and a better understanding of the total body.”

Review from:  Seminar, Sunday,  June 19th 10:00-5:00 at Living Room Yoga in St. Petersburg, FL   6 CEs for LMTs

The Feldenkrais Method® is about helping you find ways to stay closer to your center — your CORE.  Finding support from your skeletal system and the ability to counter-balance as you move creates better balance, muscular efficiency and harmony in everyday activities. As participants experience optimal synergistic action using their pelvis, spine and torso in specific movement laboratories, not only do they find easier, smoother movement but a sense of wholeness as well.   Come enjoy a day of learning for and about yourself at Body Electric Yoga in St Petersburg




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