About educating children with special needs

“Every child’s future depends on learning.  The brain shapes and structures itself constantly in response to it’s experiences.  We want these experiences to provide the child’s brain with lots of new information that is positive and useful.”  Anat Baniel  www.anatbanielmethod.com

The Anat Baniel Method® of neuromovement for Children with Special Needs is a result of Anat Baniels’ 35 plus years changing the lives of thousands of children who have difficulty in some aspect of their development. Her process demonstrates Moshe Feldenkrais’ idea that using movement with attention, while looking for and experiencing functional variations to existing capabilities, helps the brain make connections and supports ongoing learning. It is the key for keeping the trajectory of self-development and self-learning moving forward. Some children need more support than others.

BonnieK, works with Children who have special needs in Sarasota, ST Pete and Orlando as well as with adults using The Feldenkrais Method®

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