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Free Your Neck and Shoulders

Introduction to The FELDENKRAIS METHOD® &   TOUCH TO INFORM Seminars Do you find your neck and shoulders tightening at the computer?  Sleeping? Did you ever consider that your eyes lead your head/ your neck is CONNECTED to your whole spine? Discover a deep, neurological process that can ease and enlighten neck and shoulder care […]

Pain, the Central NS & Feldenkrais

Milton Cohen, a rheumatologist speaks of pain and how Feldenkrais ‘exploits’ neuro-plasticity.  He suggests we do not have a ‘hard wired Nervous System’.  Being ‘soft wired promotes the ability to learn and change.  He suggests that to best work with pain you want to move away from the problem and work with the whole person. […]

About educating children with special needs

“Every child’s future depends on learning.  The brain shapes and structures itself constantly in response to it’s experiences.  We want these experiences to provide the child’s brain with lots of new information that is positive and useful.”  Anat Baniel  www.anatbanielmethod.com The Anat Baniel Method® of neuromovement for Children with Special Needs is a result of Anat Baniels’ […]

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