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Walking Engine Weekend

Walking Weekend Friday  (Intro) 6:30-9:00 Freeing Your Neck and Shoulders  2 CEUs *Friday is open to anyone interested in an Introduction to The Feldenkrais Method® or TOUCH TO INFORM Seminars.                                                         […]

Moving from and through your FEET

2018 Feb 9-11 Weekend Seminar TOUCH TO INFORM SEMINAR — A previously attended full day Seminar is required.   Call Bonnie at:941.360.2248 Learn how our FEET affect Posture — and yet how a change in Posture can affect our FEET Fee: $150 minus 10 % early registration Fee:  Full Weekend:  $340 minus 20% early registration

Freeing Your Neck & Shoulders

2018 Feb 9-11 Weekend Seminar Introduction to both the Feldenkrais Method® and TOUCH TO INFORM Seminars. Our head follows our eyes. Our shoulder girdle, rib cage, pelvis and spine supports our head. Using neurological concepts from The Feldenkrais® Model, participants will develop skills that indirectly quiet excessive tension in the muscles of the neck and […]


I recently came across the following article that seemed so connected to the TOUCH TO INFORM seminar I teach Moving from and Through your FEET where I say the foot is designed for stability and mobility..  http://www.lemsshoes.com/foot-talk  

Moving from and Through Your FEET

TOUCH TO INFORM Seminar  April 3, 2016 in St.Petersburg from 10:00-5:00 Moving from and Through Your FEET! How are your feet doing?  How friendly are you to your FEET? FEET Support stability and mobility.  At the same time, your posture affects your FEET! Touch to Inform Seminars are designed to support Therapists and Coaches how […]

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