Process for learning! in Moshe’s words!!

Sometimes one needs to EXPERIENCE this work before you can understand the words.   I decided to post  this in this blog to help those who are ready for a more ’empowered’  experience of themselves,

 The process of learning through Feldenkrais Movement Lessons in Moshe Feldenkrais’s own words:

To begin with, the lessons take place in the lying position to facilitate the breaking down of muscular patterns. The habitual patterns on the soles of the feet and the ensuing configuration of the skeletal joints are suppressed. The nervous system does not receive the habitual… stimuli due to gravitation, and the impulses are not linked into the habitual patterns. After the lessons, on receiving again the habitual stimuli, one is surprised to discover a changed response to them.

The lessons are done as slowly and pleasantly as possible, with no strain or pain whatsoever; the main object is not to receive training in what one knows, but to discover unknown reactions in oneself and thereby learn a better and more congenial way of acting.

The movements are light so that after fifteen or twenty repetitions the initial effort drops to practically nothing more than a thought. This produces the maximum sensitivity in the person and enables him to detect the minute changes in the efferent tonus and the change in the alignment of different parts of the body. By the end of the lesson, one feels that his body is hanging lightly from his head, his feet do not stamp on the ground, and his body glides when moving.

Training a body to perfect all the possible forms and configurations of the skeleton and muscles, makes a profound change in the self image and the quality of direction of the self.

From Embodied Wisdom: The Collected Papers of Moshe Feldenkrais
Edited by Elizabeth Beringer

This week we are honoring Moshe Feldenkrais, who was born May 6, 1904.



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