Crawl for Fitness, Fun, Re-alignment and Balance!

Tim Anderson, long time Fitness Guru writes:  Crawling is the New Plank!

I am delighted to see someone suggesting these basic movements besides myself and my colleagues.  On the other hand, I think of crawling as a review of optimal organization — that organization we had that allowed crawling to be effortless in our first year of our lives.  Lately I have been using the expression ‘teaching a centipede how to walk!”  Just imagine how difficult that would be if we needed to coordinate 100 legs!  Yet, if you think about optimal organization there are at least 100 parts moving when we walk!  Crawling, learning to shift weight on all fours, prepares us for an optimal walk  WE don’t just walk with our two legs. WE need our back involved as well as our shoulders and arms and …

Look closely at the picture and notice differences besides size and age.

The challenge as an adult is to see the wisdom in rediscovering an ‘effortless’ way to crawl as a way to improve one’s balance which then leads to easier bending  for Regaining Lifelong Agility.


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