Collaborating Yoga and The Feldenkrais Method®

Two nice articles of how YogaPractice  and The Feldenkrais Method® work differently and yet together.  Personally, I find my practice of Yoga enriched through my experience with the process I love, learning to listen, create subtle variations, be willing to do less until I am clear of the instruction or posture requested of me in any activity.

Yoga and the Feldenkrais Method®: Can You Do Both?  by Mercedes (Didi) von Deck, MD

Mercedes happens to be a Yoga Instructor, who happens to be an MD and is also about to finish a Feldenkrais Training Program writes about the similarities and the differences.

Rebecca Roman, another Yoga Instructor, also a long time Feldenkrais Practitioner® titles her article:  Illuminating Yoga

“Yoga posture should be steady and comfortable, easeful and joyful. Relaxed without dullness and alert without tension.”
-Patanjali (Sutra 2:46)

“Yoga means to bind, yoke, connect; to direct one’s attention. Yoga consists of a specific philosophical system involving certain principles, breathing practices, meditation, and postures. Focus is generated by the wherewithal of the yogic postures, although it depends on the style of teaching as to how much of the backbone philosophy is introduced. The sutra above suggests that training the nervous system to function, under study of the postures, is core to the pursuit of health. Health, in this instance, includes the ability to return to homeostasis while engaging in the world and with respect to one’s biology and environment.

“Make the impossible possible, the possible easy, the easy elegant.”
-Moshe Feldenkrais

Becoming aware of previously unknown limiting action and belief patterns is both a proprietor and product of health. Learning to function steadily; with ease; while alert and without unnecessary tension, is also important for health. I see the ideas of the ancient yoga system and Moshe Feldenkrais being similar and comparable.”


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