Feldenkrais Awareness Summit for Musicians, Singers, Dancers and Actors

Free Virtual, Online Summit: “Never Stop: The Artistry of Self-Care and Creativity for Lifelong Embodied Performance” for Musicians, Singers, Dancers and Actors.

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Why I love this Summit:

Somatic education is sometimes considered something for old people or people who have trouble moving. I love that this summit is going to address the needs of the super movers while helping us ALL access easier ways of being and thinking in the world.

Mark your calendars for October 25th to October 30th and register make sure to REGISTER!

What else will be great about this experience? The first is that the Awareness Through Movement® lessons are all going to be taught by performing artists. Personally, I love taking a movement lesson from someone who has spent their entire life focused on discovering what their body can do.

The second wonderful little addition is a bonus day paying tribute to some of the greats in arts or movement such as Anna Halprin, Moshe Feldenkrais, Augusta Moore and Roberta Gary.

Of course, the rest of the summit is also packed full of interesting speakers who are leaders in their field, panelists who will be participating in live discussions, and the opportunity for you to dive even deeper into self-care.

REGISTER TODAY so you don’t miss this exciting Never Stop summit!


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Like to Learn More About the Feldenkrais Method?

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