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WE learn by doing….

“Motor Learning Specialists have found that we learn by doing,” says Dowd, who began teaching at Julliard as an assistant to Ideokinesis matriarch Lulu Sweigard in the late 1960s.  ‘If you learn it ( anatomy) intellectually, you forget it. You have to do it physically and then you can start to understand what you have learned.” Irene Dowd […]

Viva La Breathing

Viva La Breathing – Improving Posture – Reducing Stress! Breath is central to our well-being. A fully functionally aligned spine supports breathing while exploring different ways to breath can support spinal alignment. The ‘newest’ recommendation by the medical world is to ‘breathe’ to reduce stress and risk of heart disease. Explore how engaging your attention to […]

Move your Tight Jaw into a Light Jaw using the Feldenkrais® Method

Learn to SMILE and Kiss your way to a more OPEN YOU! Popular treatments for teeth, grinders and those who suffer symptoms of the temporomandibular joint include learning to use slow, gentle movements and develop better organization for their head, neck and shoulders. I, Bonnie Kissam, M.A. in Education, Feldenkrais® Practitioner, have been fine tuning this […]

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